10 Things To Plan Before You Travel Africa

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Planning to travel is just as important as actually going on a trip. In this post I will share some important things to keep in mind as you plan for your first or next trip across Africa.

With that said, regardless of where in the world you are travelling to, most of these tips will apply. I did a video that will help anyone planning to travel.


  1. List possible destinations

If your organisation is not the one sending you on a work trip, then list possible destinations you will love to visit and choose the one that calls your name the most. I recall planning a road trip with a friend from Ghana to Senegal. Even though, Timbuktu was calling out our name, Dakar’s voice was stronger, so off we went to Dakar. If none is calling you strongly, read on for other clues.


  1. When do you want to go?

Some seasons are more budget friendly than others. Most people are chasing the sun, so summer seasons are more expensive.Remember destinations like South Africa and Botswana have their winter season when it is summer else where, so that will affect a lot of things including what you pack, and your budget.


  1. Create Budget 

Some destinations are budget friendly others are not. For example, in my experience, Kigali is more budget friendly than Accra.

Create a budget to include, your transport cost.  Things to consider:  Do you have to pay for a visa? Will you fly there? Go by road? What kind of accommodation type do you prefer? How about cost of attractions? How long is your trip?


  1. Start saving

Now that you know your budget, start saving up. Have some kind of travel fund and stick to it.


  1. Passport and visas

Check if your passport is at least 3 to 6 months valid and if you need to apply for a visa. Please check the visa procedure and duration. I will advice you apply at least 2 to 3 months before your travel date.


  1. Vaccinations

Yellow fever vaccination is a big thing across the African continent. So if you don’t have the vaccination, get one and please keep your yellow fever card with. In places like Tanzania, you will have to show it when you get to the island of Zanzibar.


  1. Insurance

Travel insurance is very important. Get one from a trusted source so you can have the peace of mind to enjoy your trip.


  1. Accommodation

What accommodation type do you prefer? Booking.com is a good option to book your accommodation in advance and in some cases you don’t have to pay till your travel time. This might be useful if you are applying for a visa or need to show immigration upon arrival.


  1. Download Apps

Download some useful apps like maps.me , Uber or any related ride sharing up.


  1. Language and Phrases

It is highly advisable to learn a few local  phrases so you can easily get around or ask for help.

I hope these tips help you prepare for your next trip across Africa or anywhere on the globe. Which tip did you find most useful?

Here is a bonus  video I created to help you plan your trip trip. Enjoy!

Edem Adzaho10 Things To Plan Before You Travel Africa

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