12 Ways To Make Money For Your Travels – EP 4

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Happy new year to you and welcome to 2020, a new decade!

In this solo episode, I share 12 ways to make money for your travels.

I hope you find value in this episode and you are able to use as many as you can to make money for your future travels.

Here are my recommendations on 12 ways to make money for your travels:

  1. Charge for “pick my brain” sessions
  2. Social Media management
  3. Designing graphics and slide decks
  4. Video editing
  5. Producing or editing podcasts
  6. Letting people in your affiliate links to buy things on amazon
  7. Updating websites for small businesses and individuals
  8. Copywriting
  9. Editing scripts and blogs
  10. Create a downloadable resource / guide
  11. Teach online
  12. Create a digital course in around your skills/ field

Resources mentioned in this episode:


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Edem Adzaho12 Ways To Make Money For Your Travels – EP 4