Africa is not a country

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First and foremost, Africa is a continent, not a country. There are about 54 independent countries on the continent.  I assume people get confused because they assume it is a country like America, with various states. It is not.
Just as Canada is not part of the USA or Europe is not a country.

There is East, West, North, South and Central Africa and a number of beautiful islands.

Africa is not a country. Image courtesy of Google images.


African is not just about wildlife. There are amazing people and cultures. You will find beautiful islands, beaches. deserts, lakes, waterfalls, rivers and home to so many world wonders. The continent is so diverse. From the languages, we speak to the culture and architecture.

Africans are resilient. They are educated, they read, they travel, they are not all looking to live in the West as economic migrants. They are creators of thriving business right here on the continent.

The stereotype perpetuated by the media is one-sided and half the truth. Yes, it far from perfect, like any other continent. And like many places in the world, there are developed and undeveloped parts. There has been a number of conflicts, like many places in the world, but there have been countries that have enjoyed continuous peace and economic growth.

Africa is not a country

The continent is beautiful and very rich. Its people are very kind and welcoming.

Oh! If you love the sun, it is here! Plenty of it. The weather is perfect, 99% of the time.


Which country is on your list.

Vamejo to see Africa. Come see its beauty, experience its people and culture.



Edem AdzahoAfrica is not a country