What Makes Kenya Special With Miss Trudy EP 9

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In today’s Episode, I talk to Miss Trudy a Kenyan travel and lifestyle Vlogger and YouTuber.

Miss Trudy talks about her travels and what makes Kenya a must visit destination.

She has so far visited a number of African and Asian countries and vlogged about it.

She is also looking forward to visit every country on the African continent.

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Here is my interview with Miss Trudy on my YouTube channel

Here is her interview with me on her YouTube channel


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Edem AdzahoWhat Makes Kenya Special With Miss Trudy EP 9
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Being Black In Russia With Eyram Dela EP 8

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Today’s episode is a short and sweet one, packed with so much value as always.

My conversation is with Eyram Dela, a Ghanaian based YouTuber, Software developer, and talented photographer.

Eyram spent some time in Russia and shares his fascinating and sometimes shocking experience of being black and living in Russia and Siberia.

I met Eyram last year after following his work on YouTube. He also encouraged me to continue my own YouTube journey.

Edem AdzahoBeing Black In Russia With Eyram Dela EP 8
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Solo Travel in South America and Visa Tips with Valerie Vardon  EP 7

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In this episode, you will hear my conversation with my über smart, kind, cosmopolitan, adventurous and football loving friend, Valerie Vardon.

I have known Valerie for over 12 years and we’ve done some cool and crazy road trips together, like from Accra to Senegal and back to Accra and stopping in Burkina Faso and Mali.

Valerie has a corporate job with one of the top global brands. She makes travel and adventure a priority and manages to go on some pretty epic adventures.

In this episode Valerie talks about solo traveling across South America for 7 months, valuable travel and visa tips for anyone thinking of doing the same or learning more about the region.

Edem AdzahoSolo Travel in South America and Visa Tips with Valerie Vardon  EP 7
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Knowing The Beauty of Tanzania with Peace Mathew Kipuyo – EP 6

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In this episode, I had a conversation with Peace Mathew Kipuyo, a super talented Videographer  and Storyteller from Arusha, Tanzania currently working on the African To The World Project.

 Peace is also  from the legendary Maasai tribe and takes us in  a bit on what it means to be a Maasai.

Peace found his passion for videography when he was studying in China.

Edem AdzahoKnowing The Beauty of Tanzania with Peace Mathew Kipuyo – EP 6
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Tips to Navigate Travel with April Nego -EP 5

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In this episode, I talk to April Nego, a Ghanaian YouTuber and Vlogger.

April shares what inspired her to start travelling and tips on how not to get arrested on your travels. April also shares several tips and hacks to navigate your travels.

Enjoy the episode.

Resources  shared in this episode:

  1. April’s YouTube Channel

2. Couchsurfing

3. Currency Exchange

4. Mountain Afadjato

Photos of April on this episode is by the YouTuber and talented Photographer  Nii Ayi @niiayivisuals

Edem AdzahoTips to Navigate Travel with April Nego -EP 5
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12 Ways To Make Money For Your Travels – EP 4

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Happy new year to you and welcome to 2020, a new decade!

In this solo episode, I share 12 ways to make money for your travels.

I hope you find value in this episode and you are able to use as many as you can to make money for your future travels.

Here are my recommendations on 12 ways to make money for your travels:

  1. Charge for “pick my brain” sessions
  2. Social Media management
  3. Designing graphics and slide decks
  4. Video editing
  5. Producing or editing podcasts
  6. Letting people in your affiliate links to buy things on amazon
  7. Updating websites for small businesses and individuals
  8. Copywriting
  9. Editing scripts and blogs
  10. Create a downloadable resource / guide
  11. Teach online
  12. Create a digital course in around your skills/ field
Edem Adzaho12 Ways To Make Money For Your Travels – EP 4
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12 Reasons People Don’t Travel and How to Beat The Excuses EP.3

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Hello everyone. I trust you’re well and you had a lovely Christmas or holidays if you don’t celebrate Christmas.

In today’s solo episode,I share some of the limiting beliefs or top reasons why people don’t travel and my tips on how to

overcome it if one or some applies to you, so together you can travel, learn and grow.

The things I share are my opinions as a result of years of observation, my curiosity to find answers and personal experience.

Edem Adzaho12 Reasons People Don’t Travel and How to Beat The Excuses EP.3
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How to Balance a 9 to 5 and Travel with Caleb Mensa-Bonsu EP.2

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Caleb is a super cool and smart Ghanaian Traveller, who has a 9 to 5 job in a bank.

He also has a travel side hustle he set up with his friend Kevin, called The Travel Clan, which has a solid potential to be his main gig in the future.

In this episode, Caleb shares how he grew up with books, instead of toys, his first international school trip, how he caught the travel bug, saving for travel, visa tips, the generosity of Africans, our similarities, differences and a lot more.

In 2020, Caleb plans to backpack through 15 West African countries. You bet I will be here cheering him on and possibly catching up with him during or after the trip.

If you are keen on exploring Ghana and different parts of Africa, but you will love to join a reliable, fun, yet intimate and well curated group trip, you should consider connecting with Caleb and joining him and The Travel Clan for a future trip on the continent.

Edem AdzahoHow to Balance a 9 to 5 and Travel with Caleb Mensa-Bonsu EP.2
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Exploring Destination Africa with Steve Ababio – Ep.1

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In this episode, I talk to the amazing and legendary Steve Ababio.

Steve, is an accomplished Ghanaian photographer and filmmaker who is behind the Destination Africa Project. He and his team are shaping the positive narrative of Africa through producing quality visuals (photos and videos) of the continent.

We talked about his fascinating childhood growing up in Australia and Papua New Guinea to why he is passionate about Africa and travel.

Steve tells us about his favourite African countries so far, Nigeria and São Tomé and Príncipe

Edem AdzahoExploring Destination Africa with Steve Ababio – Ep.1
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Vamejo Travel Welcome Episode

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Hello everyone! Welcome to Vamejo Travel Podcast.  I am super excited to be hosting this podcast and glad you are here and will find value in this podcast.

This place will be the place for travel stories and tips for Africans and non Africans who are passionate about exploring Africa and the world. And if you are travelling on an African passport, we have you covered.

Vamejo means, “come lets go” in the Ewe language, spoken in parts of  Ghana, Togo and Benin. I am calling Africans and non-Africans passionate about travelling Africa and the world to come let’s go travel, learn and grow.  More importantly it is my call to help share the positive and beautiful side of Africa and it’s people from people who have done so others can learn.

Check out and follow Vamejo Travel Podcast on Instagram and Twitter @VamejoTravel

Edem AdzahoVamejo Travel Welcome Episode
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