My Top 10 Tips for New Travel Podcasters

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A year ago, I had no idea I was going to start a travel podcast, But here I am running a successful podcast.

On Apple Podcast, Spotify, Stitcher…

With 5 episodes in, my podcast  Vamejo Travel Podcast ,has been featured on Apple’s  podcast new shows in the Ghana store and rank top 3 for All-Time Bestsellers in the Places and Travel category within Society and Culture at the time of writing this blog post.

On Apple Podcast top 3 and All Time Bestseller list as at January 2020 with 5 episodes

I also have 5 star ratings and feedback, as well downloads from over 20 countries (and growing) on all continents.

So here I am writing about it to hopefully help others starting out.I have used all these tips myself to help me grow my podcast.

Here are my top 10 tips for new travel podcasters. These tips will be useful for other podcast niches.


1.List out a 100 topics you will want to talk about

Before I hit record on my intro episode and first episode, I had already listed 100 topics I will love to talk about either on a solo episode format or with guest. This serves as a guide and a bank of inspiration for content ideas.

It also helps you seek out guest who might bring value to the topic if your show will have guest.

You have nothing to lose if it’s a solo episode, because this will help you stay consistent.

List 100 topics you want to talk about.


2. Set a Publishing Schedule 

Decide if you want to post monthly, bi-weekly or weekly, then choose a schedule and stick to it. Deciding a schedule will help you stay consistent and build trust with your audience. I posted my intro episode on a Thursday and decided to stick to it. This helps you to stay consistent and trains your growing audience to look out for your episodes.


3. Schedule your posts

Schedule your posts,in advance, at least a day or two or even weeks and months in advance if you can. This takes off the pressure of trying to figure everything out on the day you want to publish. As you might know by now, editing can take the longest time, so what you think my take an hour can take 5-8 hours or more.


4. Ask your guest for photos

If you have guests on shows, ask for their photos well in advance to help you plan and design graphics to promote your episodes. By the way, I use Canva to design my graphics for my podcast. Also planning in advance can help with things such as typos and big things like overwhelm.


5. Have a master folder for your podcast

A master folder is crucial and have a sub folders that has your intro and outro song, interviews, drafts, graphics and published episodes. This keeps you organized and will save you a lot of time.


6. Set an intention for your show

I always have a brief for my guest outlining my expectations. I also ask my guests  what they hope to achieve from the show. That way, it’s a win win and everyone is clear and happy. I learnt this from a talk Oprah gave at the Essence Festival


7. Promote your show

I highly recommend you promote your show on social media. Tweet about the episodes, share it in your stories on Instagram and create sound bites with apps like Headliner on social media.

If you have guests, send them a copy of the sound bites you’ve designed and also links to the show before anyone else.

They might promote it, but please don’t force them to promote.

Also remember to make reference to past episodes, this is a good way to remind listeners who missed an episode to go check it out.

In promoting your show, remember to make your show notes SEO friendly so you have a great chance of being discovered in search by potential listeners.


8. Apply for stats

I use Blubbry to host my podcast, so I get stats from the top 20 countries where my listeners are from and how many people have listened from that country. This helps you tailor the content and when to schedule your posts. Vamejo Travel Podcast goes live at 5am every Thursday. I know majority of my audience are  Ghanaians. They are early risers and they will likely be tuning in on their way to work.


9. Don’t under estimate editing

As you might know by now, editing can take the longest time.

Play back your audio after interviews to find audio files that you can use as a teaser when you are promoting an episode.

Whist editing, choose powerful statements made in the middle of the podcast, not at the beginning, you need to hold your audience interest and keep them engaged till then end in case you need them to take action.


10. Research

Research about your guest, find out if they have done other interviews. Listen to it and bring your unique take to it. Ask them if there is a question they want you to ask that no one has asked for example. Also ask if they have anything to promote, so you can find a way to drop that in the intro, asked them to talk more about it during the interview or in the outro. If it is a solo episode, research about countries, events or dates you want to talk about, maybe something changed. Also main to provide valuable resources for your audience.

Those are my top ten tips, but let me throw these two super useful bonuses in. Why not? We are in this together.

Bonus  11 Focus on building a community

Engage with your audience, tweet their comments, share their reviews, feature their takeaways on stories, go live, bring them in, show them the behind the scenes, share tips and encourage them to share the podcast. It all helps with trust and engagement.


Bonus 12  Use what you have and have fun

Don’t over plan or over think it and be consumed to have the latest, fanciest gear or compare yourself to others.

I use my family’s iPad pro  and the voice memo app that came with it to record my interviews. I just place it between my guest and I we sit to have a simple conversation. The voice memo app  sounds better than my current microphone, so why not.

I also don’t have a studio yet, so I put a blanket on my bedroom floor, put the iPad in my wardrobe and cover myself with a blanket to filter any background noise and echo. You can see me in action in this post here

I come out for fresh air and record in bits. I have a good laugh at myself.

So these are some of my top 10 (12) tips for travel podcasters.  I hope these help. Feel free to share your own tips here or connect with me on Instagram if you have any question.

All the best with your podcast and go create your magic.


Edem AdzahoMy Top 10 Tips for New Travel Podcasters

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