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Every New Year rolls in with promises to be better and Singapore is one place that will inspire you and potentially get you to rewire your mindset in a lot of ways.

Gardens by the Bay

As travellers, we travel for different reasons. We all end up learning more about the destinations we visit and even more about ourselves. So if you are looking to be inspired and operate on a world-class level as an individual, Singapore will give you a reason to stop, reflect and desire to do and be better. I was in and out of Singapore twice last year and the island gave me a lot to think about.

Walking or driving through Singapore feels like you are in one giant garden.

Singapore is a beautiful, modern and orderly country. You can just tell by being there that, they have and still do put a lot of effort into making things work.

Things work because their government among other things is very deliberate about its development. Every nation has a lot to learn from Singapore.

The airport is beautiful, well planned and you can spend an entire day there and not get bored. How many airports do you know have a movie theatre and a botanical garden inside? Singapore’s airport is a hub of creativity. The public transport system is super efficient. Just don’t eat or drink on them. You will get a fine.

I had a sense Singapore is a place that promotes learning and growth, and you will see this in the mind-blowing architecture and design.

This beautiful island stretches your mind. There is so much to see and do.

Take a river cruise and you will see the island in a totally beautiful way.

Singapore is very safe and super clean. You might have heard this before and it is the truth. Rubbish and littering is not part of its DNA, so when you ever visit, please pay attention.

Yes, Singapore has its share of malls and shopping districts if you are into big brands, but there is Chinatown as well, where you can get amazing discounts on a lot of gifts for family and friends back home.

Singapore has a reputation for being expensive, which can be true in most cases, but not with food; especially great street food. There is so much variety to make your eyes bigger than your stomach.


Cultures intersect and live in harmony in Singapore. Chinese, Malays, Indians, and a huge expat community live and work together. Most of the Singaporeans I interacted with were very warm, helpful and took pride in their jobs. I never met a single Singaporean complain about their job.

Things are done efficiently and promptly, not because they expect tips, but because it’s the right thing to do.

For the first time in my travel life, I saw very happy and smiley immigration officials.

Having said that, please don’t ever bring in narcotics or get caught up in anything related. It’s a straight-up death sentence.

Have you been to Singapore? Is it on your list? If you haven’t, I suggest that you put it on your list and go. Vamejo to Singapore to have our minds stretched and be inspired.