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Oh my goodness! Swaziland is so breathtakingly beautiful with lots of mountains and valleys. It is lush green and clean. I wish had better photos to reflect the beauty I experienced.

Swaziland is stunning

It really is one of Africa’s best-kept secrets.

I travelled to Swaziland by road from Maputo in Mozambique and exited by road to Pretoria, South Africa, so I got to see a good chunk of this small and stunning country. I am so glad I went and saw it for myself because the images I see when I search for images of the country is not even close to what I saw. I really think and feel Africans have to really start contributing stories and stock photos of their countries and continent.

It’s a shame the media focus on the not so positive side of most African countries. And just because we might not understand certain cultural practices, doesn’t make one culture superior over another.

Before I continue to share the beauty of Swaziland, here is a little story.

The bus I was hoping to join had just left a few minutes before I got to the bus station, but for some divine intervention the driver was contacted and they came back to get me.

As I said bye to Filomena my Mozambican host and found a comfortable seat, a guy asked where I was from. That question was a little ambiguous, so I asked what exactly he meant. He said he felt I was Ghanaian because of my accent. He on the hand didn’t sound Ghanaian. He is Mozambican who stayed in Ghana for a few years to attend bible school. He was actually on his way to Swaziland to facilitate the renewal of the Mozambican work permit for a Ghanaian pastor he was travelling with. I said hello to the Ghanaian pastor. It was such a surreal moment.

These two young men were both missionaries in Mozambique.

Crossing into Swaziland was smooth.

In fact, the Swazi immigration officials were so professional. It was by far one the smoothest border crossing on my trip. Well, until one official came out later to look for me when we were going to re join our bus and gave me his phone number discretely. No, I haven’t and won’t call him. I don’t even know where I put that paper.

Back to the story, by the time we got to Mbabane the office the young pastors/missionaries were going to was closed. They had no place to stay as they were hoping to make a same-day return trip back to Maputo. They had no change of clothing, mobile phone chargers etc. I, on the other hand, had arrangements to stay with a cousin to one of my closet friends. My host Aunty Alberta, a Ghanaian who has been living in Swaziland with her family for over two decades, came to get me. I asked if she knew any affordable hostel or guesthouse for my new Ghanaian and Mozambican “friends” and like some miracle, she and her husband just said yes, they should join us in their car.

A few minutes in, and they decided to take them home instead. They ended up offering their home to not only me but these two young pastors. That was extremely kind of them. I did not take it for granted and I wasn’t too surprised either. Early on in the bus, I had shared the many miracles I experienced during my travels including sleeping in 2 complete strangers homes. They felt my “travellers luck” was rubbing off them. I just said God was asking them to have a little more faith as men of faith and to share this testimony with others and encourage others to do good.

I really felt at home at Aunty Alberta’s and the views from her kitchen were amazing.

Swaziland is stunning

We settled in and cooked some amazing Ghanaian jollof, had a little chat, took a nice warm shower and then went off to bed. My hosts were so kind to drop the gentlemen off to the office they were visiting right after breakfast.

I had such an amazing time with this amazing and inspiring family.

Staying in their younger daughter’s room was just what I needed as I woke up to inspirational quotes and images in her room. It was perfect. I felt connected to her and was so proud of the young woman she is and will become even without having met her at the time.

My hosts took me around to explore different parts of Swaziland.

I got to really see the beauty of this country. The first class roads, the mountainous views.

The lush golf courses.

I even saw one of the King’s brothers dressed in the traditional attire at a fine restaurant my host family took me to.

Swaziland did remind me of Switzerland in many ways. I wondered why the names are similar.

I couldn’t decide which side of the window to look when I was leaving Swaziland to South Africa.

Defiantly go see places for yourself whilst and when you can. It’s even great when it is visa-free, just like Swaziland was for me.

Swaziland is beautiful.