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How to Balance a 9 to 5 and Travel with Caleb Mensa-Bonsu EP.2

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Caleb is a super cool and smart Ghanaian Traveller, who has a 9 to 5 job in a bank.

He also has a travel side hustle he set up with his friend Kevin, called The Travel Clan, which has a solid potential to be his main gig in the future.

In this episode, Caleb shares how he grew up with books, instead of toys, his first international school trip, how he caught the travel bug, saving for travel, visa tips, the generosity of Africans, our similarities, differences and a lot more.

In 2020, Caleb plans to backpack through 15 West African countries. You bet I will be here cheering him on and possibly catching up with him during or after the trip.

If you are keen on exploring Ghana and different parts of Africa, but you will love to join a reliable, fun, yet intimate and well curated group trip, you should consider connecting with Caleb and joining him and The Travel Clan for a future trip on the continent.

Edem AdzahoHow to Balance a 9 to 5 and Travel with Caleb Mensa-Bonsu EP.2
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Exploring Destination Africa with Steve Ababio – Ep.1

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In this episode, I talk to the amazing and legendary Steve Ababio.

Steve, is an accomplished Ghanaian photographer and filmmaker who is behind the Destination Africa Project. He and his team are shaping the positive narrative of Africa through producing quality visuals (photos and videos) of the continent.

We talked about his fascinating childhood growing up in Australia and Papua New Guinea to why he is passionate about Africa and travel.

Steve tells us about his favourite African countries so far, Nigeria and São Tomé and Príncipe

Edem AdzahoExploring Destination Africa with Steve Ababio – Ep.1
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