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Boldness in Burkina Faso with Edem Adzaho EP22

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In 2010 I travelled solo from Accra to Burkina Faso.

In this episode, I share my border crossing experience and a life lesson that has stayed with me.

This episode will be part of a collection of travel stories for my upcoming book on my travels.


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Edem AdzahoBoldness in Burkina Faso with Edem Adzaho EP22
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Travel Lessons: Blessed in Bulawayo EP 17

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In this episode, I am doing something a little different.

I am sharing an article I wrote for my travel column for the Business and Financial Times news paper.

It’s called Blessed In Bulawayo and it will be in an upcoming book.

As I spent time travelling across Africa in 2017, I met Loreen at Johannesburg airport.

I was going to Mauritius and she was going to back home to Bulawayo.

Edem AdzahoTravel Lessons: Blessed in Bulawayo EP 17
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