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Discover Mauritius with Joshua Andrews-Egyir EP 13

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In today’s episode, we listen to my conversation with the inspiring Joshua Andrews-Egyir.

Joshua is a dynamic and driven young man who I am honoured to call friend and brother.

I have great hopes for Ghana because of people like Joshua.

Joshua is a selfless young man who is passionate and intentional about his personal and professional growth.

Even more remarkable is how Joshua is committed to adding value to the next generation by educating and shaping their  mindsets and confidence.

Our shared love for travel and adventure has taken us to a number of great places. We talked about discovering Mauritius, Ghana and several other countries in between.

Three years ago I was in Mauritius and Joshua hosted me. He was on a fellowship programme at the ALU.

Here is a blog about my time in Mauritius.

You can connect with Joshua on Twitter,  Instagram, YouTube or learn more about him here.

Edem AdzahoDiscover Mauritius with Joshua Andrews-Egyir EP 13
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