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Advocating for Nigerian and African Tourism With TheFisayo EP23

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My conversation today is with the remarkable and purpose-driven Fisayo, popularly known as The Fisayo.

In this episode, you will learn a lot about Nigeria, why she does what she does and her newly launched Masterclass for Travel bloggers and content creators.

I truly enjoyed this conversation and learnt a lot from her.

Please check Fisayo out on her blog and also her masterclass. You can also find her on Instagram, YouTube  and Twitter.

Here is the link to Fisayo’s blog on the suspended bridge in Nigeria

Please follow her work and show her your support and love. She is incredible.

Edem AdzahoAdvocating for Nigerian and African Tourism With TheFisayo EP23
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Travel memories and studying abroad with Esasina Padikwor Kodjo EP18

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On this episode I have a conversation with Esasin Padikwor Kodjo.

Esasina is Ghanaian blogger, social media content creator and a hand model.

She shares her childhood memories going on road trips with her dad, why she loves Nigeria and her experience studying and living in France and more.

Please check her out on Instagram here and read her blog here

Also her hand model page here.

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Edem AdzahoTravel memories and studying abroad with Esasina Padikwor Kodjo EP18
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Promoting Nigeria With Pelu Awofeso EP 11

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In this episode I have an insightful conversation with the amazing Nigerian Pelu Awofeso.

Pelu is an accomplished Travel Writer, an environmental sustainability advocate, tour guide, a fantastic  author of 4 books, working on his 5th travel book.

He has won notable awards such as Best Travel Journalist category at Nigeria Travel Week and  CNN/ Multichoice African Journalists Awards (tourism reporting). Pelu has contributed his work to several publications.

You can find Pelu on Instagram  and on Twitter

All his books are available in bookshops in Nigeria, on Amazon and a few on eBay.

Here is a list of his books and how you can get them on Amazon.

Edem AdzahoPromoting Nigeria With Pelu Awofeso EP 11
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