Vamejo Travel Welcome Episode

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Hello everyone! Welcome to Vamejo Travel Podcast.  I am super excited to be hosting this podcast and glad you are here and will find value in this podcast.

This place will be the place for travel stories and tips for Africans and non Africans who are passionate about exploring Africa and the world. And if you are travelling on an African passport, we have you covered.

Vamejo means, “come lets go” in the Ewe language, spoken in parts of  Ghana, Togo and Benin. I am calling Africans and non-Africans passionate about travelling Africa and the world to come let’s go travel, learn and grow.  More importantly it is my call to help share the positive and beautiful side of Africa and it’s people from people who have done so others can learn.

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Edem AdzahoVamejo Travel Welcome Episode