Hello, I am Edem! I am a Writer, an Educator and a Traveller. I have visited and explored over 40 countries across Africa, Europe and Asia. I write about my adventures and share tips on how you can do the same and more. I am still as excited as ever to explore more of this beautiful world and I want to be your fun and experienced travel guide.

I will like to take out the hassle of planning for your trips as I share travel hacks, promote inspiring and life-transforming destinations, trips and retreats that will change narratives and stereotypes about Africa and the world. That is why I founded Vamejo. Vamejo, means, “come let’s go” in Ewe, a language spoken in the Volta Region of Ghana, parts of Togo and Benin, all in West Africa. So whether you are an individual, group, or a travel-related brand, Vamejo has something for you.

If you are a tourism and travel brand, I will love to work with you too.

So far:

  • I have seen over 40 countries and territories on my very adventurous Ghanaian passport
  • I live in Ghana and Iceland most of the time. How cool is that?
  • I have been to all the countries and cities listed on this website, some; multiple times
  • Travelled solo to 12 African countries for the first time in 2017 from Eastern to Southern Africa in a month only carrying one carry-on luggage
  • In 2017, I visited 17 countries.
  • I write a weekly column for the Business and Financial Times in Ghana with over 45,000 readers
  • I have gone on an epic road trip from Accra to Senegal in 2010 and from Berlin to Lithuania in 2013
  • In 24 hours, I had breakfast in Amsterdam, Lunch in Paris and dinner in Lisbon
  • Travelled solo by road from Namibia to Botswana, Zimbabwe to Zambia, Mozambique to Swaziland and South Africa
  • Travelled to 5 destinations in 48 hours (Lithuania, Poland, Berlin, Amsterdam and Iceland)
  • Privately given countless travel advice and planned trips for many individuals and groups to several destinations
  • Travelled solo to parts of South East Asia and spent 2 months travelling from North to South of China.
  • I studied tourism for my undergraduate, did my national service at a national tourist board and studied eTourism at the number 1 school for Tourism studies in the UK, the University of Surrey for my postgraduate
  • Let’s just say travelling and learning on the road is my PhD. So you are in very capable hands!
  • I have friends all over the world. Just name the country!
  • Oh! Apart from travelling, I am a multiple awarding winning global training consultant and graduate coach, an author of 2 books and I run training sessions at my Academy or manage my consulting business

For Individuals and Groups:

Choose a destination and let me help you make lifelong memories. I have hosted and provided a variety of niche walking and guided tours for a variety of travellers; from students from London Business School, an Indian Nun, a Greek university professor, Dutch exchange students, American , French and Icelandic travellers,  coordinated guides for small and large groups from Togo and Congo, taken Ghanaian students on trips  through parts of Ghana, Togo and Benin, coordinated a Harvard alumni trip to Brazil for an executive and many other exciting trips.  If you are interested in working with me, please send your personal travel, enquiry to edem@vamejo.com  I will love to help you.

Please note that I am not a visa/travel agent, but rather an independent travel consultant, planner, selective trip and experiences organiser, travel and tourism brand builder and travel writer. I provide expert travel advice based on my own experiences & knowledge. You are free to book your own trips, however, I am confident I can save you time and money by handling the details for you. I am a pro at finding hotels, flights, exclusive deals and promotional offers online. 

For Travel and Tourism Brands, let’s work together…

I have worked with individuals and groups, for a national tourist board and various travel brands. As an avid traveller, I have been to over 40 countries so far and currently share my insights, travel hacks as well as destination guides in my weekly column for the multiple award-winning Business & Financial Times newspaper, which has an average of 45,000 daily readers in print in Ghana.

I curate great content, take great photos and design engaging websites too. I worked in advertising and managed campaigns, events and the growth of major global and fortune 500 brands.

If you are an organisation and our values align, I am happy to represent and engage your audience on different platforms. I have spoken to thousands of different audiences in China, across Africa and Europe.

I live in Ghana and Iceland, so travelling between continents is not a problem at all.

I studied at the number 1 university for Travel and Tourism in the UK, so hiring me on projects, will mean hiring an ambitious, relevant and experienced entrepreneurial mind who will work hard with you to get consistent results.

If I cannot do it, you bet I know someone who can. I can also team up with other great travel influencers who have an organic and growing social media audience of over 200,000 followers across platforms and thousands more offline. Together, we can help you get your message across in an authentic and impactful way. Just know we carefully handpick the brands we love and introduce them to our audience.

Below are some examples of possible ways we can collaborate, but I am always open to new ways of collaborating with you:

  • Destination and or Product Marketing
  •  Sponsored Content
  •  Linked Blog Posts
  • Guest Article/Blog Writing
  • Press Trips
  • Private guided tours for individuals and conference guests
  • Destination Photography and Videography
  • Social Media Campaigns (Strategy, Execution and Management)
  • Social Media Take Overs
  • Travel brand and Destination website development
  • Destination, Hotels, Restaurants and Product Review
  • Airline Review
  • App review
  • Tours, Retreats and events promotion and review
  • Affiliate links


Here are some of the content I have written for the Business & Financial Times newspaper in Ghana:

If you are interested in working with me, please send your personal travel, business or travel and tourism-related collaboration enquiry to edem@vamejo.com


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