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Like Timbuktu, I have lost count of the number of times I have called out Zanzibar. But calling it wasn’t enough, I had to see it, feel it and experience it.

And so I took a ferry to the island of Zanzibar for a day’s trip from Dar es Salam. It’s cost me $35 each way as a foreigner. See, why Africa is not a country? I am an African foreigner in Tanzania and I don’t speak Swahili beyond Mambo, Jambo and Asante sana.

The ferry’s upper deck was mainly for foreigners, it took me a while to figure that out. I guess locals are used to the view and non-locals like me are desperate to take it all in.

The journey to Zanzibar from Dar took an hour using the Kilimanjaro branded ferries.
It was drizzling a bit on the way, but it was full blown heavy rains in Zanzibar. This stopped quickly though.
I met my contact Kassim, a former national footballer, turned seaman. He is a cousin to my brother’s friend in China. I had a very rich conversation with Kassim about life and travel and you can imagine he has been to quite a lot of countries as a seaman, Ah, don’t you just love networking?
I so wanted to see the turquoise-like Indian ocean show off. And it didn’t disappoint.

Kassim was really kind and drove me to Mangapwani beach. Apart from 4 other kids who were fishing in the ocean and getting on with their life,

I had the beach pretty much to myself.

I was able to shoot 3 videos at the beach for my channel, including an interview with Kassim about his unusual career switch. I tried bungo juice, a special juice in Zanzibar whose fruit is unique to the island.

I later visited Stone Town. It was lovely to see the old architecture and traces of the Arab influence.

There is more to Zanzibar that I share on this blog or that I experienced on a day trip. It is a truly beautiful place. It makes me appreciate the beauty and diversity of my continent a lot more.


Put Zanzibar on your list, go and see it, feel it and experience it for yourself.

Africa truly is beautiful. Zanzibar is stunning. I can help you save money and find a reliable local guide to show all the hidden spots. Send me an email at and let’s get you to experience the amazing Zanzibar.

Oh! If you ever plan to go to Zanzibar, please take your yellow fever vaccination card with you. Don’t assume you already showed it when you entered Tanzania.  And, no, I didn’t need a visa as a Ghanaian to visit Tanzania.
Ready to plan a trip to Zanzibar? I am just an email away-

Edem AdzahoZanzibar

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